Wintervalley Model Products
has a new name and a new home

Wintervalley has been in business formally since about 1994 and was started as a business software and game design company. When I began selling hobby products I simply folded that small endeavour under the Wintervalley name. However as my business in the hobby industry grew, it became more apparent that the Wintervalley name and brand didn't fully reflect the business goals. Those goals being to provide Canadian hobby enthusiasts with the very best in Canadian content. With that in mind a new business was created.

Through Canuck Model Products I will work to continue to provide you with the best quality Canadian decals, accessories, and soon, I hope to have full kits.

The new website has been launched at www.canuckmodels.com 
The new Facebook page is www.facebook.com/canuckmodels 

The transition from Wintervalley to Canuck Model Products (CMP) will happen over the next couple of weeks. Transactions from this point forward will be handled under the Canuck Model Products name but the product stock will retain Wintervalley branding until current stock runs out and new stock is created.
Thank you for your time and please email with any questions.
David A. Winter


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