Apple iPhone 13 – What You Should Know

Tech lovers all over the world love Apple products – no wonder it is one of the most popular brands in the world. However, when it comes to new iPhones, people are often wary, albeit excited. This is because it feels like new iPhones come out every few months, and with very subtle changes (sometimes for the worse). Therefore, people have to research a good deal before purchasing a new iPhone and cannot just trust that the new version is better. The case is the same with Apple iPhone 13 and, obviously, people have a lot of questions. That is why I will try to answer some of those questions today and hopefully make your decision a bit easier.

The difference in design

If you were looking for a completely different and improved look, you won’t find it in iPhone 13.

There is almost no difference between the previous iPhone and this one (which might be a nice thing for people how are used to their old phone) except that the camera bumps are bigger. The size of the phone is the same, but the notch is smaller. This means that you will have the same screen size on your new phone, but you will be able to see more things on that screen (as if you’ve zoomed out slightly).

Also, the new iPhone is slightly heavier, but not too much. 

Battery life

This is a big question when buying any phone, not just an iPhone since you want to be able to rely on your phone for longer periods of time without constantly having to charge it. However, it seems particularly important here, considering that Apple has had issues with battery life in the past. Well, if this was your main reason for buying a new phone, look no further. Apparently, iPhone 13 is supposed to have a better, longer-lasting battery, about two hours better than the previous one to be exact. The battery is also bigger, which better explains why this iPhone is a bit heavier. 


After battery life, a camera is something that most people want to know about when looking for a new phone. We take photos all the time, and since social media is what we spend most of our time on, we want to have a good phone camera on the go so that we can share our adventures and snippets of daily life with friends and followers.

Well, again, if this is the reason you need a new phone, iPhone 13 might be your answer. Cameras are better on all four models of iPhone 13, so you won’t make a mistake with either one. However, if you want the camera the best one, you’ll need to upgrade to the iPhone Pro, or iPhone Pro Max as both of these have incredible improvements. Of course, they are also more expensive, so you’ll have to take into consideration the price as well.